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Vegas EscortsThe Popular Things To Do In Sin City

When visiting Las Vegas, one of the most popular activities happens to be the casinos. After all, while there are other casinos spread throughout the country, Vegas has more than anywhere else. Even if you compare Vegas to Atlantic City it isn't even close. Atlantic City is like the poor man's version of Vegas. Top it all off with beautiful women, fantastic restaurants and the Vegas weather and there are few places in the world to match what you'll find here.

But what casinos should you go to? After all, unless you plan on being in town for months, if not years, you just won't have time to visit them all. You can ask your escort what her favorite casino is, or you can just take our word for it and hit up these different spots. Each provides great gambling, excellent shows, delicious restaurants and something unique for you and your sexy date to experience.

The Bellagio

One of the most famous sights in all of the city is one you don't need to pay for at all. Just standing outside of the Bellagio Fountains and taking in the performance can be spectacular. Some of the hottest escorts in Las Vegas love to watch the fountains, never gets old. There's just something elegant about water nothing else can match. Maybe it is the fluidity of it or maybe it is simply the peace and comfort of the sound it makes and how it allows light to pass through. Whatever it is, the Bellagio gives a special treat to everyone. Of course, there is plenty to see on the inside, but make sure you at least see the fountain.

Should you decide to make your way inside of the Bellagio, make sure to experience the conservatory and botanical gardens. This display of flowers, butterflies and the colors not commonly found in the desert is a thing of dreams. So if you have more than a few minutes to spare, come check this one out.

Wynn Las Vegas

The sight of the Wynn is pure spectacle. There's something about the curvature of the building and the way it reflects the sunlight that makes it one of a kind. It isn't trying to look like the Statue of Liberty or the Pyramids, it is its own beauty. Of course, the interior matches the exterior of the building perfectly as well.

Eiffel Tower

Of course, just because the Wynn isn't designed to look like another building doesn't mean you shouldn't come to experience these other buildings. The Eiffel Tower gives you a kind of odd sensation, but it is a good one. Why go to Paris and find a beauty when you have an escort beauty under this Eiffel Tower.